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At Alliance Behavioral Health, we want to provide our clients with the very best treatment available. For this reason, we include a full spectrum of traditional and holistic techniques in our treatment arsenal. We recognize that some addiction recovery strategies will work better for certain clients than for others. In order to ensure every client gets the care they need to reach their recovery goals, we offer a full complement of recovery strategies to serve as many different clients as possible. Our only requirement in order for a treatment to be featured as part of our addiction recovery program is that it qualifies as an evidence based treatment.


Dual Diagnosis

One of the therapeutic strategies we offer is dual diagnosis mental health treatment, which can prove invaluable to those clients who are struggling with a co-occurring disorder. When a client has both an addiction and a co-occurring mental health disorder, reaching recovery can be especially difficult. This is because even when a client with a co-occurring disorder receives treatment for their addiction, the co-occurring disorder may remain. If a client gets treatment for the addiction but not the co-occurring disorder, the symptoms of the co-occurring disorder can remain after addiction recovery treatment has been completed. A client who experiences the symptoms of a mental health disorder may be tempted to return to substance abuse in order to self-medicate and eradicate the symptoms of the co-occurring disorder.

Evidence Based Treatment

When you’re looking for the right program for your addiction recovery, you may be concentrating on finding a facility based on available or price. However, one element that it is important to factor into your considerations is the presence of evidence-based treatment strategies. Evidence-based treatment strategies use scientific evidence as their basis, in order to provide treatments that are more effective than those which do not consider scientific evidence. When a substance abuse recovery center provides treatment that isn’t evidence-based, it means that either the treatment was not based on strong scientific evidence, or there is not yet any clinical data to determine the efficacy of the treatment.


Fortunately, dual diagnosis mental health treatment allows us to afford our clients the best possible chance at recovery by providing them with treatment for both the co-occurring disorder and the addiction. This way, when they graduate from our program here at Alliance Behavioral Health, they’ll be able to enjoy their post-addiction life without the threat of co-occurring symptoms driving them back to substance abuse. We are committed to providing every client who enters our drug abuse treatment facility with the care they need to reach their recovery goals.

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t Alliance Behavioral Health, we are committed to providing those who need addiction recovery treatment with the tools they need to defeat addiction. However, as the addiction epidemic in the United States continues unabated, that task has become a considerable challenge. Fortunately, our friendly and well-educated staff here at Alliance Behavioral Health is glad to offer you a helping hand and impart the benefit of our extensive experience to you. In order to serve the needs of as many people as possible, we have locations across the United States. Find out which of our drug rehab center locations is best for you.




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