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Start Your Drug Rehab with our Promise to You

You can receive a confidential assessment when you call or visit an Alliance drug rehab center near you. You’ll enjoy staying in a comfortable and peaceful environment, far away from the triggers of addiction, where you can start the process of clearing your mind and healing your body. You may need inpatient or outpatient rehab, and/or dual diagnosis mental health treatment depending on the situation. Our substance abuse treatment facility in New York, New York employs licensed professionals who all have one common goal when it comes to our clients, and that is to help you or your loved one beat your drug addiction and get back on track to a healthy life.


Why Choose our Drug Rehab Facility in New York City?

Addiction recovery starts with a promise from us. That promise is that we will provide the best care around for you in the most positive and supportive environment possible. We promise to inspire a long-lasting change within your life, but only you can take that inspiration and turn it into reality. At our addiction recovery center in New York, we believe that every client is different and therefore will require personalized treatment plans that are tailored specifically to their needs in order to get well. We always promise this to you and we do everything that we can to keep our promises. You’ll feel right at home in an Alliance Behavioral Health addiction recovery facility.


Confidential Services and Staff

We employ a full-time addiction psychiatrist at our New York addiction treatment center as well as many psychiatric consultants. This allows us to effectively treat our clients who come to us with coexisting mental disorders. We see many clients who have issues with their past and we work tirelessly to make sure to get to the root of every individual problem. Our addiction professionals know that with all the triggers you have in life can be overwhelming at times. We will discuss your issues in a confidential setting that will allow you to open up about your conditions.

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We Offer Supervised Detox Services

Many of our clients come to our addiction treatment facility in New York with active withdrawals. Some come to us having used just minutes before. It doesn’t matter where you fall in the spectrum-we just ask that you are open and honest about your drug use during the initial process. When we know what you are dealing with we can begin to develop a plan of action that will work the best for you. Anyone who needs detox services will be provided at our drug detox clinic in New York and they are always supervised 24/7.


Don’t worry if this isn’t your first time in an addiction recovery program. Addiction is a disease of cyclical relapse and we are prepared to take you in even if you have attempted rehab before. That isn’t to say we are a revolving door, we are a community of professional staff, psychiatrists, therapists and more who all have one goal in common–getting you through your withdrawals safely and working towards your continued sobriety.


Treatment Plans at Our Center

Our treatment plans are comprehensive and far-reaching and are the best that you will find. We offer all manners of treatment, from one-on-one counseling with a qualified therapist to group counseling with your peers. We firmly believe in the benefits of getting together with others who are sharing similar struggles and challenges\, to discuss and brainstorm ideas for avoiding triggers and cravings. Group therapy is also a place you can be yourself with no judgements or just sit back and listen to others share. Either way, we offer the very best in counseling services when you are a guest with us.


When you have completed your stay with us, we also offer aftercare services when you are out on your own. These include continued therapy and information on outpatient services, such as group meetings. With your cooperation and our skill, you will be on your way to a safe and sober life today!




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